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So I’ve been working myself up to start blogging again after almost a year off.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with MS. Not really a big deal until it decided that the best place to affect my life is by interrupting the transmission of what I see to the part of my brain that processes what I am seeing. That means I can be looking at something like an agenda and not see changes that need to be made at all on one side of the page. That happened over and over again when I was working as the Assistant Grants Administrator for the Omaha Community Foundation. In 2009 I was let go and applied for disability.

Now for those of you who don’t know about getting disability I’ll explain a bit about it. I applied, was denied like most applications applied again and was denied again; then I hired an attorney to represent me mainly because this stage involves a hearing and most claims with an attorney are approved. To my disappointment my attorney told me I could not be self-employed. I never looked at myself as self-employed making jewelry and selling it at arts and crafts shows but that is exactly what I was. Lots of steps had to be taken to remove my name from the company and any reference to me being with the company.

This was supposed to take over 3 years from August 2010 but with the huge number of claims waiting for a hearing date some of them were assigned to Sr. Attorneys with the SSA to see if the claim could be approved without a hearing. I was lucky to be one of those claims so now I can start blogging again.

That all said I’m ready to start blogging about my favorite thing; JEWELRY designing and making. Yea!

Since I first started making jewelry in 2004 I’ve learned a lot and realized a lot. I started out making jewelry with glass beads in kits, then started buying beads on ebay and selling on ebay. Now I find beads just about everywhere, even when I’m on vacation.

A quick update on how far KL Jewelry Design has come 7 years. Starting selling on ebay, then to co-workers, Etsy, local school craft shows, and then Artfire. Now you can find KL Jewelry Design at the Corning Center for the Fine Arts, more fine art shows and juried shows, and hopefully at New Realities in the Old Market. How exciting is that?

Check out my facebook page to see photos of the latest designs. Soon the new pieces will be at so please do heart me in Etsy and friend me on Facebook


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