Musings from Kris

On Friday, the 20th the Woodmen of the World Lodge 6011 held a craft show from 7-3.  This had to be the absolute worst show I have ever been to.  First of all there was no advertising done except within the company itself.  Second the provided food for employees in the hopes that while they picked up the food they would shop.  Last but by far the least; the employees were only allowed to do any shopping while they were on break!  Yep that meant that at 10:15 a few people walked through; the big rush at lunch was 5 people at 11:30.  Then the next rush was supposed to happen at 2:30 so most of us stuck around in hopes that would be true but alas I saw one person come in during that break.  They had a big training class on the same floor but they were not breaking until 3 and the show was over by then.  Oh I almost forgot to mention that we weren’t in the Woodmen of the World tower we were in the World building next door on a floor that was completely unoccupied!!!!  The way I found the show was that the organizer actually contacted me to be a vendor.  I asked the usual questions, how big was the booth, what size was the table, how many vendors, how many making jewelry.  Well I was told an 8′ table, enough room to be behind the table, three jewelry vendors including myself and about 20 vendors total. 

What I didn’t ask was how wide is the table.  You would think it is a standard table, you know, 3′ by 8′ right?  Hold on for this the table was 1′ wide!  OMG that was terrible.  I sat there until 2:30 in the afternoon and then packed up and left.  I did have a few sales but mostly tire kickers walking through killing time for their breaks.  The booth across from me didn’t have a single sale and left around noon, another on the opposite corner of me had no sales and left about 1pm. 

For what it’s worth take it from me if you hear about this show in the fall in October run do not walk away from this one.

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