Today’s Canning Project

Last weekend I bought some pears because they were on sale and I wanted to try my hand at canning pears.

So I brought up my pressure canner and prepared to can the pears. I love this website pickyourown when I’m looking online to find out how to can something.  This site has tons and tons of recipes for canning and I’ve not found a single thing that you can put in a mason jar that isn’t listed.  It’s absolutely fantastic.

Anyway I looked up how to can pears and to my delight I found out that you don’t pressure can pears, you use a water bath.  So that’s even better.  I peeled the pears and cored them.  Then I sliced each pear into quarters.  I didn’t want to use anything but water to put my pears in so I mixed up a batch of citric acid (I have a huge bag of this for making bath bombs).  Use 3T (or 1/4 cup) for each cup of hot water.  Bring it to a boil.  Pack your pears into your jars, I am using pint jars, pour the water solution with citric acid to keep the fruit from turning brown.  Leave 1/2″ head space, wipe off the rim of the jar, put on the lid and place the sealed jars into your water bath canner or large pot.  Make sure the jars are covered with the water.  Process in boiling water for 20 minutes for the pints.  Remove the jars from the hot water using you tongs and allow them to cool.  As they cool you will hear them popping as they seal.

I always write on the lid what I canned and the month and year I canned it.  I always remove the ring from the jars just in case something went wrong and the food spoils.  If you don’t have the ring on the lid will simply pop and not explode like it will if the ring is left on.

My next project for canning was green grapes.  I had some in the fridge that weren’t getting eaten fast enough for me so I once again looked up online how to can green grapes.  It is again a water bath process so I just left the water on the stove and got the green grapes ready to can.  Simple process, take the grapes off the stem, rinse the grapes, add the grapes to your jars.  I used pints again.  Leave 1/2″ head space, wipe the rims and pour hot light syrup, water with citric acid, or juice like white grape juice or apple juice over the grapes, remove air bubbles, wipe off the rim of the jar.  Place the lid on the jar and tighten.  Put the jars in your water bath canner and process for 20 minutes for pints.

Now that I have these two things canned I’m all ready for the salad that I make for the upcoming holidays.  My mom always made this salad for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Here’s the recipe:

1/2 pint whipping cream, 1 pint pears cut into bite sized pieces, 1 pint green grapes, 1 pint pineapple chunks.  Drain the fruit.  While the fruit is draining whip the whipping cream to very stiff peaks.  Pour the fruit into a bowl, add whipped cream and stir to mix.  DO NOT add any sugar to the whipping cream.  That’s all there is to the salad, hope you enjoy it.  You can use purchased fruit just get the 15 oz sizes for all of these.


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