Adventures in Canning

I don’t usually write about canning things and cooking but I just thought this might help someone who wants to use their automatic pressure canner for something besides making jelly or pickles.

This week I picked up 36 ears of sweet corn so that I could can them. I have a Ball Freshtech automatic pressure canner and a Power XL Pressure Cooker/Canner so I got them both out and started to work. I know there are a lot of people out there that say you can’t pressure can in your pressure cooker but the Power XL Pressure cooker actually has a button for canning so let’s put that to rest.

The Freshtech automatic canner actually comes with pre-programmed recipes that Ball designed it for.  Why they did this I have no idea but the recipes they have on it are for jelly and jam, salsa, pickles, etc.  Most of us know that you don’t need a pressure canner for salsa or pickles because they are high in acid and only require a hot water bath.  That said I have been determined to figure out how to use my automatic canner for other items like green beans and corn.  So here is what I did to figure it out.

First I decided what I was going to be canning.  I hit a sale on fresh green beans one week so I bought about 7 lbs.  I then searched online for recipes that were using a regular pressure canner to find out what pressure they need to be processed at and how long.  Here is my favorite site   This site contains tons of information on canning everything that you can safely can.

I looked up canning green beans and found out that for pint jars I needed the pressure to be 11 pounds and process them for 20 minutes.  Okay that’s was easy but now for the tricky part.  What I do is check my automatic canner for the recipes and then start searching for pressure canning one of the recipes they have on the machine.  What I am looking for is the button on the automatic canner that will process my green beans for the correct amount of time and pressure.  I have found that the salsa button on the automatic canner process the food at 11 pounds of pressure and that you can select a different number button for the amount of time you need to cook.  Then you simply follow the directions to get your machine all set up and when it has preheated and you are all ready you can put your pint or quart jars into the machine, add the recommended amount of water, close and lock the lid and push the combination of recipe and number buttons you need and let the machine do the rest.

Granted this last part took some starting and stopping until I found the right amount of time to the processing.  But it’s still simply starting and stopping the process until you get the amount of time.

So far I’ve canned 10 pints of green beans and we have eaten some so I know they are safe.  I just finished canning 11 pints of sweet corn.  These I canned on salsa and the number 5 which processes the corn for 60 minutes but that is just 5 minutes longer than recipes called for so I’m fine with that.  On my Power XL Pressure Cooker I placed the 4 pints into the liner, added water to 1/4 the way up the jars, closed and locked the lid, made sure the valve was closed and pressed canning.  After that I adjusted how well done I wanted things.  I have found out that med is what I needed and then the last thing I did was add time to the processing time so that it would process the corn for 55 minutes and let the machine take over.  After the processing time when the timers went off I allowed both canner to vent naturally and now I can’t wait to dig into the corn.



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