KL Jewelry Design Closing Shop

Okay so this has been a really tough week. On the 9th of August I was notified by SSA that they are denying my disability claim again. Second time for that. When they did that it meant that for me to appeal I have to ask for a hearing which also meant it was time to get an attorney. Did that on Wednesday this week. He’s great and I’m very confident I will win this time.

Got the request for a hearing done, he sent a letter to my doctors, I’ll go see my doctors every few months to follow up on things and now I just get to sit and wait for up to 22 months!!!! This has been going on for 9 months already. Our government at work.

Anyway part of this process meant that I am no longer allowed to be self-employed. I never really thought of myself as being self-employed but turns out that’s exactly what I was. I had to close my website store, take all my inventory off of Artfire and Etsy, untangle myself from a bunch of groups and websites that I showed my goods on, cancel all my fall shows, cancel hotel rooms, and I’m down to the last two shows that I have to call the schools to cancel and I’ll do that on Monday.

Talk about depressing. I don’t think my meds will help much today. Trying to keep my chin up and so I thought I’d just post this quick blog.

I’m not doing away with my blog so you’ll see news from me. I’ll keep making jewelry for that day when I’m allowed to start earning some money again. I can’t just not do what I love. I’ll show photos of my work and keep everyone informed of upcoming shows in the area but I just can’t be part of selling things there.

Thanks for following and reading my blogs and don’t forget I’ll still be here just not selling.


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