Spring Fever

Wow was this show a bomb. A fair amount of traffic but people just walking around not really purchasing from anyone. Most of the vendors thought it was a huge waste of time.

It was a real learning experience for me. My first outdoor event and my first time using my canopy. I have sides for it but since I couldn’t stake them down I put weights on them but the wind was so gusty that it blew my displays over so I laid my jewelry on the tables. But then the wind gusted and took the weights off the back wall and the side knocked a table with rings, bracelets, and pendants over. Luckily nothing broke and no one was near the table. Sure cleared out my booth in a hurry.

First time taking credit cards too. The first one I scanned I did it wrong and didn’t capture anything. Thought I saw the green light but it was so sunny I guess I didn’t. Anyway after that I scanned them correctly and processed them when I got home. The one I did wrong I just called the man and told him about it. He laughed and gave me the number and I processed his payment. I did let people know that it was the first time I had ever used my scanner.

I have to go get something to hold my tablecloths down today and figure out something to do with my walls. They are supposed to be for an ezup but they are too big. I wonder if I can’t sew up the seam in the middle and weather proof it to make them fit the sides without a lot of slack and bagging.


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