My Tials for Out of Town Shows

Last weekend I was to have a booth at the Tulip Festival but on Thursday I discovered that I would not be able to attend. I had a scheduled set up time on Friday and the show was Saturday and Sunday. I called the Chamber of Commerce for the town and called and emailed the hotel I had reservations at.

The next day I got a really nasty email from the hotel telling me to never stay with them again and it’s because of people like me that hotels overbook and give your room away.

I’ll tell you the name of the hotel after I’m done with this story.

I was shocked by the email and took most of the day to think about what I would write back or if I was even going to reply. In the end I sent them an email telling them that they were rude, I didn’t know about the 1 week cancelation policy, and they didn’t need to worry because I would never stay there and I would be sure to post on everything I post on (and I post a lot) about how terrible the hotel was.

The next morning the hotel started calling me and emailing me trying to make up for the nasty email I received. It turns out that the owners of the hotel didn’t know anything about what was going on and they emailed me to apolgize for the manager they had just fired. They told me they have owned the hotel for 18 years and the last two years they have had nothing but trouble with their managers and the owners are now running the hotel again. They apologized for what the disgruntled employee had said to me. I thanked them and told them I understand but they had still charged me for the room and overdrawn my account. (Car broke down and had to be fixed leaving me without the money to go to the show.) Anyway I have since been refunded all the money including the overdraft and I now have a free room either next year for the show or for a get away weekend in their suite with the jacuzzi in it.

Turns out it will be a fantastic place to go and stay, just far enough away from my husband’s family in Kansas but close enough to visit for the day. I have since decided to go ahead and recommend the Simmer Motel in Wamego, KS.

I just thought I’d write this showing that if you are polite and don’t fly off the handle like the manager did you can usually work out a problem without damaging your reputation as a business person or the other business’ reputation.

Do give them a try and I’m sure you will enjoy your stay.


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